1.10.17 Day 2 Post Op

The second day post op I received a call from Munch’s surgeon. She was concerned that Munch was not cooperating with staff, not eating, and was unhappy with her environment. Per the doctors request, I went to the hospital to see how she would respond to my presence and determine whether or not she should come home to recover.

Tuckered out baby girl. She was still hooked up to her fentanyl drip.


I loved the visiting rooms at this hospital.
Prepared her food… took an hour but she finally decided to eat!

I spent a couple of hours cuddling with her, just savoring sweet moments together. An hour into the visit, she stood up for the first time (!!!) and started eating her favorite meal that I packed for the hospital. The doctor was relieved that she was eating and decided it would be best to take her home…

Home sweet home.
Baby girl finally used the bathroom shortly after being home… then decided to lay on her urine. The surgeon said this is common behavior; as a new tripawd on heavy medication, she had to muster extra effort to get into the box.

2 thoughts on “1.10.17 Day 2 Post Op”

  1. Oh my, the litter box bed! So darn cute. I laughed when the vet said she wasn’t cooperating. My Mona spent the first night at the vet’s house and used the litter box, ate and cuddled with his children. I think she had a good time and they all fell in love with her. When she got home she was uncooperative with her litter box. The drugs sure make them do funny things. Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. What an awesome vet to take her home! What a spoiled babe Mona was! Glad to know I’m not the only one spoiling my fur child haha

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