Post-op Wardrobe

Our surgeon recommended buying newborn onesies to protect Munch’s surgical site since it’s uncovered without a dressing in place. I went out with my mother (Munch’s grandma) and her best friend to a couple of baby stores and gathered an adorable wardrobe for my fur baby’s recovery. Luckily, they are both in the fashion industry and were able to make alterations to fit Munch’s needs. Our size selection ran from ‘newborn’ to ‘3 months’:

1.7.17 at Babies R Us

She was pretty annoyed, but we love you Munch! haha
So precious!
Munch pretending like she was sleeping during the fitting.

One thought on “Post-op Wardrobe”

  1. Little Munch, you are one spoiled kitty but will be looking good during your recovery. A kitty fashionista. My Mona went nude because it was summer. I look forward to seeing photos of Munch in all her outfits.
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

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